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Secret to success, living in happiness and style!

In life often times we are lost in negetive thoughts which leads us unhappiness and depression! If we don’t realise this and act to change situation soon it will be out of control. 

Have often wondered what it takes to be happy? Why do we feel sad? What exactly we need in life? What exactly is right or wrong?

This blog is intended to share my take on unhappy situation and my approach on how to turn a not so happy situation into something better and from there to start a journey towards positive space overcoming all that’s sad, bad and negetive!

First of all will like to share how people influence your life….positive people vs negetive people.

Positive people will always make others happy, appreciate little things. Focus on bright side. Whereas negetive people will always criticize and justify it to be constructive criticism, judgemental and will always pick on tiny mistakes. Interestingly we can feel the vibes so it is very important for us to make the correct choices while selecting  our company.It is very important to avoid negetive people in smart way. Don’t ever confront such people never intend to admit 

Secondly, always important to do simple things to cheer up mood and soul.

Such as buy flowers, have pets, do charity, meet and greet people. Travel to reach out to unknowns. Never let yourself down by not taking care of yourself. Pamper with bubble bath, enjoy glass of wine, food.

Never be rude and ever stop smilling, shopping, romancing, singing or dancing.

Nothing is right or wrong….noone is perfect but we all are perfect in our imperfections!

Always be confident, hopefull and most importantly live a happy life in style!